Stephen Collins Victim: 'His Pants Were Completely Unfastened...I was 13'

She says he put it right at her eye level.

A woman has come forward who says she was victimized by disgraced actor Stephen Collins when she was a child.
April Price is speaking out in an exclusive interview with the She's a 44-year-old mom now, but when she was 13 years old, in the summer of 1982, she lived with her aunt who was Collins' next door neighbor in Los Angeles. That is when she says he exposed himself to her.

She says she was in awe of the handsome actor who was the star of one of her favorite TV shows, Tales of the Golden Monkey.

He came into her home to fix her video game system, that's when she says, he did the unspeakable.

Price said in the interview, “When he turned around, his pants were completely unfastened. His penis was hanging out and I’m just shocked. He doesn't make any mention of it. He doesn't act any different. So I decided, okay, this is really weird. I’m going to play along and didn't say anything either. I just acted like it was not out.”

She says didn't know what to do, “I was 13 and hadn't even kissed a boy yet. This was not something I was even prepared to deal with. More or less, I kind of I shut down. He was acting normal so I was determined to act normal. Keeping it eye level, my whole thing was not to respond. I didn’t want to be rude. He was fixing something for me and I was appreciative of that. So, he did his thing and then he left."

Price told DailyMail, "The, one day I was in kitchen cooking breakfast and I look up and I see Mr. Collins walking through the courtyard, right in front of my aunt's big bay window. He was completely naked. He had no clothes on whatsoever. He had a wad of clothes in his hands. I was taken aback. That was strange. Wow. Who would do that? At the time, I didn't think it was necessarily sinister really, but I thought it was odd. It was not like he tried to cover up. He knew I was there while he was naked. He could see me there."

Collins admitted his history with underage girls in an interview with 20/20's Katie Couric. In a statement he made to Couric, it appeared he was referring to Price when he said, “It was clear that she was disoriented and frightened and it made me want to stop and cover up and I did.”

Price says he's right, she was terrified, it has stayed with her all these years later.

Candace Trunzo is the Senior News Editor with She told INSIDE EDITION, "It effected her life in very negative ways in that she didn't date for a long time. When she did date, she picked the wrong guys. She was really afraid to open herself up to any real love or real emotion."

The disgraced actor admitted what he did to April Price in that leaked recording made in a therapy session with his wife Faye Grant. Audio of the session was leaked. April Price's name was bleeped out.

In the session, Collins said, “[Victim] was the niece of the woman who lived across the way.”

Grant then asked, “Okay. How many times with [victim]?”

“Once,” Collins answered.

But April Price said Collins lied. It wasn't just once, it was three times.

Trunzo said, "April felt that Stephen Collins had not been truthful and she felt that it had been time for the real story to be told."

Read More: In December, Grant said in a statement: "I sincerely hope Stephen gets the help he needs."

April Price says when she was 25, Collins apologized to her after she ended up working alongside him on the set of 7th Heaven. Collins has admitted to acting inappropriately with a total of three underage girls.

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