Acting Students in Los Angeles Learn Gun Safety Skills Following Deadly ‘Rust’ Shooting

Master armorer Clay Van Sickle is an 18-year veteran of the industry who visited students at the Theater of Arts in Los Angeles.

Following the deadly shooting on the set of “Rust,” mandatory prop gun safety training is now part of one school’s curriculum 

“Negligence and complacency can kill,” master armorer Clay Van Sickle said. His job on a film set is to be in charge of all the weapons. 

“Hopefully going forward, this can be a wake-up call and hopefully something positive can come out of this terrible tragedy.”

The 18-year veteran of the industry visited students at the Theater of Arts in Los Angeles, like Garrett North, who knows how important this training is.

“I know anywhere I work, it’s definitely going to be something there’s probably going to be a gun at some point. So, I’m kind of ready and waiting for that.” 

And Clay wants to make sure something so tragic doesn’t happen again

“The industry has definitely had some trauma, obviously,” he said. “We’re all hyper aware of safety right now.”

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