Actress Tanya Roberts Dead at 65 After Death Was Announced Prematurely

During a Monday interview with Inside Edition, Roberts' longtime boyfriend got a call from the hospital that she was still alive despite earlier reports that she had died. Roberts was officially declared dead Monday night.

Actress Tanya Roberts has died following an initial mistake in which her death was announced while she was still alive and in the hospital. The former Bond girl and “Charlie’s Angels” star was 65.

Roberts collapsed at home on Christmas Eve after walking her two dogs. On Monday, after widespread reports that Roberts had died, her longtime partner Lance O’Brien spoke to Inside Edition. During the interview, he got a call from the hospital that she was still alive.

“Now you are telling me she's alive?” a shocked O’Brien said on the phone. “Oh, thank the Lord, thank God.”

Roberts former castmates on “That ‘70s Show” were also caught up in the confusion.

Actor Topher Grace tweeted, “I was so sad to hear that Tanya Roberts has passed away.”

“Yo bro she’s not dead,” Ashton Kutcher wrote back.

This time the news of her passing is real. Roberts was declared dead Monday night at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. O’Brien spoke to Inside Edition as he went to pick up Roberts’ personal effects.

He said due to COVID-19 overcrowding, the hospital is in a state of disorganization. “You call them, it’s like a war zone,” he said.