After Discovering They Had the Same Boyfriend, Three Women Embarked on a Cross-Country Road Trip Together

Three young woman sitting ontop of the green bus they renovated
Morgan Tabor

After confronting a young man that had been dishonest with them and at least three other women, Roberts, King, and Tabor decided to embrace their friendship and renovate a bus for a cross-country trip.

Three women found themselves in a close friendship that led to a long-term road trip after discovering they were dating the same guy.

Bekah King, Abi Roberts, and Morgan Tabor utilized social media to find that their boyfriend had been dating the trio plus at least three other women simultaneously without their knowledge. 

Tabor, 21, followed her suspicion about the boyfriend and poured over his social media pages, eventually finding another woman's page on VSCO, a photography app, that had several photos of her and Tabor's boyfriend, she told CNN.

"I thought I was going to marry this guy. We had talked about houses and what our marriage would be like. My world came crumbling down. I had to mourn the loss of this future we were building up together. It was soul crushing." the Idaho resident told the outlet. 

Tabor, Roberts, and a third woman who did not join the trip, connected through the boyfriend’s social media engagement, and the three ended up having a six-hour-long FaceTime conversation about the whole situation. 

Their call was interrupted by the arrival of the infamous boyfriend, who had shown up to give Tabor flowers, the girls shared with CNN.

"He wanted to surprise her. Morgan grabs the flowers, puts them on the floor, and was like 'I made some new friends today' and showed him her phone with the two of us on FaceTime," Roberts said.

"His face just dropped. It was so priceless to see."

King came into the picture shortly after. "Two hours after they confronted him and he promised to never talk to another woman again and said he was a changed man, he reached out to me and asked to hang out," King, 18, told CNN. 

"The next day, the girls found my Instagram and messaged me and we immediately hopped another five hour call."

The trio of women broke off their relationships with the young man, and leaned into the bonds that they had formed. During their conversations, they discovered that they all had a goal of traveling across the country.

Tabor said, "Having that from the beginning, just something we could look forward to, helped so much. We were living out our dream. It was something so needed during a really hard time."

The three girls saved up $5,000 and purchased a 30-year-old green bus that had previously belonged to a fire crew, and spent months working on renovations, including painting, installing beds, and insulation.

They named it the BAM bus after their initials.

According to the outlet, the women work remotely to pay for their expenses, and are currently rethinking their plan to return in November in hopes of making their bus travel a long-term situation.

"We don't talk about him anymore. He isn't part of our lives. There's so much more to look forward to," Tabor said to CNN. 

"He's on the way back corner of our minds. We have moved on to the next chapter of our lives. It's all about our adventure, our growth, and where we go next."

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