Amazon Driver Saves Woman and Her Tiny Dog From Pit Bull Attack

An Amazon delivery driver blocked a vicious pit bull from attacking a woman and her small dog outside Las Vegas.

A brave Amazon delivery driver was caught on camera jumping into action to save a woman and her dog from being attacked by a pit bull.

It happened outside Las Vegas, when Lauren Ray called over a dog she saw roaming about her neighborhood. 

The dog seemed friendly enough at first, but then Ray’s dog Max came out and all hell broke loose. She protectively picked up Max, but the pit bull wouldn’t give up

That’s when the delivery driver, Stephanie Lontz, appeared to save the day, putting herself in harm’s way to block the dog as Ray scrambled to get back inside.

Ray says she has some scratches from the terrifying encounter, but is otherwise OK, as is her dog.

“I scooped him up, because I didn't think he stood a chance in a fight, and I wasn't going to let him fight. I just started screaming, because someone has to hear me,” Ray said.

Ray’s father, Michael, watched the attack remotely via the Ring app on his cellphone.

The Rays thanked Lontz over video chat.

“I'm so happy that you're getting recognized for the hero that you are,” Lauren said.

“I’m just happy I was there,” Lontz said.”I’m happy to see you guys smiling and happy and nobody was hurt.”

Amazon and the logistics company the driver works for showed their appreciation by giving Lontz and her family tickets to attend a local Vegas Christmas attraction.

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