Another Stockpiling Wave is Hitting Stores as COVID-19 Numbers Rise in the US

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Not only is another wave of COVID-19 hitting the United States, but another wave of stockpiling is coming with it.

Consumers are again rushing to stores to get what they need — just in case. Steven Still said he’s not taking chances with his family and wants to make sure “everybody’s fed.”

Another mother-of-four and best-selling author of the Madame Chic series, Jennifer L. Scott, said she already has extra supplies at her California home.

“I think it’s important to stock up for our family’s sake, not hoard, but be prepared for anything that’s to come,” Scott said.

The director of operations at Rastelli’s, a popular meat market, said customers definitely don’t seem to be taking any chances this time. People are also buying second freezers to stock up.

“They’re grabbing four or five packs ’cos we have it today and they don’t wanna take the chance and they’re sticking it in their freezer,” said Chris Mentzer.

This time around, though, supply chains are expected to be ready for the influx of shoppers. During the first wave of the pandemic, many stores weren’t prepared for that level of demand.

Stew Leonard, of the namesake supermarket chain, made one vow this time.

“We’re not gonna run out of toilet paper again!”


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