April the Giraffe Says Goodbye to Son Tajiri as He Moves to North Carolina

Meanwhile, April is preparing for another baby's arrival.

It seems like only yesterday that more than a million people tuned in to the April the giraffe live stream, anxiously awaiting the birth of her calf.

Earlier this week, Tajiri, the world’s most famous giraffe calf, said goodbye to his mom as he prepares to move to a new home.

“Tajiri is very tall for his age – growing quickly and also maturing quickly,” Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch told WBNG. “His recent conduct and behavior suggests he is very much ready to move on and get his own girlfriends."

Zookeepers are planning to move Tajiri — now a year old — from his home at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York, to Carolina Wildlife Conservation Park near Raleigh, North Carolina, in October.

But no send-off is complete without a party. Animal Adventure Park plans to host a farewell party to little Tajiri later this month.

Meanwhile, his internet-famous mom is getting ready to give birth again.

Keepers announced on the "Today" show that April is due to give birth again in March 2019, after a gestational period of approximately 15 months.

“And when I say March, I mean July,” Patch joked, referencing the longer-than-expected wait for Tajiri.

While Tajiri has remained close to his parents side since birth, it’s unlikely he’ll get a chance to meet his younger sibling.

"Naturally, in the wild, young male giraffes leave the herd — which is called the tower — and they start their own nomadic bachelor life," Patch said.