Armed With Hand-Drawn Map, 2 Girls in Pajamas Take Midnight Bus Ride

Two girls drew a map and went on a midnight adventure.
They carefully drew their plans. Metro Vancouver Transit Police

The girls were on a sleepover and decided to take a little journey.

The bus driver thought it mighty odd when two young girls in their pajamas boarded his rig just before midnight.

One was 10, the other 12. They were armed with a hand-drawn map that showed their planned journey, via a Metro Vancouver bus, to London. 

Turns out it was the London Drug Store, not the British capital. 

Bus driver Ed Boleak contacted the Canadian transit police, who arrived to transport the children home to their very worried parents.

The girls had been having a sleepover and decided it would be a good idea to sneak out of the house go on an adventure.

"Unfortunately, they didn't realize how much potential danger they were putting themselves in, or the distress they were causing their parents," transit police posted on their Facebook page. 

"Luckily, Ed took the time to call for help when something didn't seem right."

The driver said he was just doing what any good citizen would do.

"I'm glad to hear that it's all good, but this is something we all would have done," he said.