Brave Girl, Then 10, Who Escaped From Audrii Cunningham Murder Suspect During 'Vile Act' Speaks Out

The woman who put Don McDougal in jail after he committed a "vile act" on her when she was 10 speaks out as he becomes main suspect in the Audrii Cunningham murder.

A former victim of the man suspected of killing Audrii Cunningham is speaking out to Inside Edition.

Carissa Davis, 27, says that she was just 10 when she found herself alone in her bedroom with Don McDougal, who was a friend of her family.

Once alone, Davis says that McDougal committed a "vile act," but she managed to jump up and escape.

She is now wondering if that escape may have saved her life.

"I could have gone missing, I could have gotten seriously hurt, injured or ... dead," says Evans.

She also says in the interview that the first thing she said to McDougal at the time was: "Do you know how old I am?"

That "vile act" led to a two-year sentence for McDougal, who was convicted of child enticement.

And now, 17 years later, police believe McDougal preyed on another young girl in Texas: 11-year-old Audrii Cunningham.

The Polk County Sheriff's Office identified McDougal as the main person of interest days before the discovery of Audrii's body and arrested him on suspicion of an unrelated aggravated assault late Friday night.

McDougal, 42, told authorities that he would take Audrii to the bus stop some days and drive her to school if she missed the bus. He also said he left Audrii's home with her on the morning she went missing but would not say if he took her to the bus stop that day, according to authorities.

Sheriff Byron Lyons said at the start of the investigation that McDougal is close friends with Audrii's father, and lives in a trailer on his family's property in Livingston, which located approximately 75 miles northeast of Houston.

Evans, meanwhile, is still in shock after seeing her childhood predator back in the news.

"I was just mind-blown," she says. "I was shocked."

McDougal has been charged with capital murder following the discovery of Audrii's body in a lake near her home in Texas.

He has not yet entered a plea and his lawyer did not return a request for comment.


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