Babies Born to Identical Twin Sisters Who Married Twin Brothers Will Be Biological Siblings In Genetic Rarity

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Identical twin sisters who do everything together, including getting married to identical twin brothers, are now pregnant at the same time. Briana and Brittany Deane met their husbands, Joshua and Jeremy Salyer at a twin convention in 2018.

The two brothers even proposed at the same time, and the couples had their weddings together. They also all moved into the same home. Both sisters got pregnant three weeks apart, but sadly suffered miscarriages. Then, during the height of the pandemic, Brittany got pregnant again.

Briana was overjoyed and accompanied her sister on a prenatal check up at Lewis Gale Medical Center in Salem, Virginia. On that day, Briana was feeling queasy, her stomach was hurting and she wasn’t feeling like herself. 

It turned out, Briana was pregnant, too. Brittany is due next month and Briana is now nine weeks pregnant.

“For an OB doc, this is like winning the lottery. It’s really that rare,” their doctor, Kevin Walsh, told Inside Edition.

Walsh pointed out that although there are four parents, there are only two sets of DNA, which means that the sisters’ babies are biologically going to be siblings.

"This is like a dream come true, listening to both our babies at the same time,” one sister said.

Now, they’re busy planning the nurseries with matching cribs.


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