Baseball Game Has a 'Tornado Timeout' as Dust Devil Forms on Field

They continued playing after the small break.

These baseball players were forced to take a "tornado timeout" during a game in Illinois over the weekend. 

The kids playing at the Libertyville Memorial Day Travel Baseball Tournament seemed unfazed by the dust devil, a rotating column of air, as it swirled around on the field on Saturday.

In a video shared by the Libertyville Fire Department, the dust devil can be seen between first and second base.

“The dirt was flying in that shape but there was no wind so the kids just stood there," Mike Weaver, the father of one of the children, told  "It was cool-looking."

Weaver said the phenomenon lasted for about two minutes as everyone just watched.

“We never even pulled the kids off the field," Weaver said. “Pretty quickly, it just vanished."

The game continued once the dust devil dissipated.