Bear and 5-Year-Old Zoo Visitor Jump for Joy on Opposite Sides of the Glass

The pair jumped around for about 10 minutes.

Is this the real life Mowgli and Baloo?

An Andean bear and 5-year-old Ian seemed to recreate "The Jungle Book" as they were captured on video jumping for joy on opposite sides of the glass at the Nashville Zoo.

Ian’s dad, Patrick Parker, caught the heartwarming scene during their family's visit to the zoo.

Parker explained Ian and other children were mimicking the bear’s movement as he was diving into the water and resurfacing.

Soon, the bear caught on, swam up to the glass, and was seen jumping with the kids for about 10 minutes.

"[The Andean bears] are naturally curious and love exploring their new, giant habitat," the Nashville Zoo said in a statement. "They particularly enjoy playing in the pool and people watching... sounds a lot like us this summer!"