Beeping Shoe Tag Causes Atlanta Bomb Scare

Beeping Shoe Tag Causes Atlanta Bomb Scare
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It was a false alarm.

It was a false alarm.

Downtown Atlanta was sent into a panic Friday, when authorities there were called about a possible bomb making a beeping sound. It was coming from a trash can located outside of a government building. 

According to The Associated Press, police evacuated the building, and bomb technicians were called in. The building houses Georgia Department of Human Services, Public Health and Division of Family and Children Services.

During the search, a woman who worked in the building said she knew what was causing the noise — a pair of shoes.

The woman said that she’d purchased the shoes online, but the security tag was still attached. Once she cut it off, it began to beep, so she tossed it in the trash.

Authorities said they made sure everything was “all clear” before allowing everyone to return to the building.