Beto O'Rourke Shamed for Livestream of Getting Ear Hair Trimmed

For some, it's just a little too much of the Democratic presidential hopeful.

Presidential hopeful Beto O'Rourke livestreamed his haircut Wednesday, grossing everyone out by talking about his ear hair at length.

"Oh, no, Beto!" Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway tweeted. "Stop forcing us to look in your mouth at the dentist or hear about your ear hairs at the barbershop!”

Her tweet was a reference to his visit to the dentist earlier this year, which he also livestreamed.

Others echoed Conway.

"I've had to trim my ear hair since like 2014. Get with the times, Beto," was one tweet. 

"Beto live streaming a hair cut, AOC gets her nails done, what's next, Biden getting a colonoscopy?" read another.

"BETO, who do you think cares about your ear hair?  That is disgusting, next it will be your nose hair," a third person chimed in.

O'Rourke is attempting to re-launch his presidential bid after a lackluster first attempt.

President Trump got yet another Democratic challenger Thursday as New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio threw his hat into the ring, making it now 23 Democrats running for office.  

“Donald Trump must be stopped,” the mayor said. “I've beaten him before and I will do it again.”

Trump fired back on Twitter saying, “NYC HATES HIM!” 

Earlier this week, de Blasio held a press conference inside the lobby at Trump Tower, blasting the Trump organization.

The stunt backfired when Trump supporters rode up and down the elevators with signs read “Worst Mayor Ever” and blared loud music over the P.A. system. It was so loud, the mayor couldn't hear reporters’ questions.

The mayor has come up with a catchy nickname for his nemesis, however: “Con Don.”