Blonde Baby Hedgehog Abandoned by Its Mother Recovering on Diet of Puppy Milk

It's believed 2-week-old Blondie was abandoned due to her rare blonde coloring.

An abandoned baby hedgehog is recovering after she was saved by a charity known as Help a Hedgehog Hospital. 

Blondie, as she is now called — thanks to her rare blonde coloring — was found in the middle of a garden in Gloucestershire, England, where she is believed to have been abandoned by her mother.

But since her rescue last Tuesday, the 2-week-old hedgehog has been doing better, enjoying a diet of puppy milk.

"She's very sweet and has a lovely personality already," 74-year-old Carol Deuten, who helps run the charity, told British news agency SWNS. "Unfortunately her mum has probably left her behind because of her color."

Blondie has even made friends with a male hedgehog, said Deuten.

Though she appears to be albino, Blondie's eyes are dark, and not the red coloring that's normal for albinos. 

In recent days, the charity has seen many young hedgehogs coming in, according to Deuten. 

"It's a very hectic time of year for us," she said. "The amount of hedgehog nests that get disturbed by gardeners and cats is unbelievable.

"We have 16 that need hand-rearing and the same number that can feed themselves. I have to be up every two hours with them, so I'm sleeping on the sofa."