Body of 5-Year-Old Eliza Talal Who Vanished During Tropical Storm Isaias Found in Pennsylvania

Eliza Talal wandered off as Tropical Storm Isaias battered the Northeast.
Eliza Talal was reported missing on Tuesday.Towamencin Township Police Department

Eliza Talal, 5, went missing as Tropical Storm Isaias roared through her neighborhood.

The body of 5-year-old Eliza Talal, who wandered from her Pennsylvania home as Tropical Storm Isaias battered the Northeast, has been found, authorities said.

The child, who was nonverbal and had autism, slipped away from her Towamencin Township home on Tuesday as heavy rains and wind pounded the area. 

A resident found her remains Wednesday in a park, less than two miles from her house, authorities said.

Police, fire, rescue teams and volunteers had been searching for the 5-year-old since she was reported missing, but were hampered by bad weather and high water. 

Officers said she apparently was swept away in a flooded creek behind her home. 

“We have met with the family. Obviously they are very upset, they’ve gone through a terrible loss. But they are very strong people and we are keeping in contact with them to help them through this as best as we can,” Towamencin Township Police Chief Tim Dickinson said.

“I can tell you that these police here and first responders and community members searched tirelessly for Eliza. It’s amazing when you see people come together, what they can do,” he said.