Boston Cop Injures Himself on Popular Slide Near City Hall

It might be wicked smart to just let the kids play on the slide.

There are a lot of adult activities that little kids shouldn't do and there are some things kids do that grown-ups shouldn't, like playing on slides. A cop recently found this out the hard way. 

In a recent viral clip, a Boston police officer was taking a break from duty and went down a slide and it was as if he was shot of a cannon, hitting the ground hard. The incident led him to be treated for a head injury and a bruised leg.

The slide is meant for kids only with a sign posted saying "not intended for adult use” and "5-12 year old's only." However, that's not stopping the grown-ups from taking the plunge. In fact, they're flocking to it.

When kids go down the slide, it seems  pretty placid but not so much for adults.

It's now being dubbed the "cop slide" and has become a bona fide tourist attraction at Boston's City Hall Plaza Playground, leading to its own pin on Google Maps.

Online reviews suggest that you "get there early. The line can be long."

Even Boston’s Mayor Michelle Wu has made a plea to adults to be careful.

“We want all of our public spaces to be beloved and if it looks like we need to make sure that there’s more signage that this is for children or something, we can do that too," Wu told reporters last week.

Physics Professor Rhett Allain told Inside Edition that “maybe something that the officer was wearing caused a lower friction and ended up with him going faster.”

There are no plans to shut down the slide in Boston with officials just hoping everyone uses common sense.

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