Britney Spears Alleges She Was Forced to Perform on Stage While Sick: Report

Spears is claiming in court that her father's conservatorship is "oppressive and controlling."

Was Britney Spears forced to perform on stage even when she had a high fever? It’s just one of the bombshell claims she has reportedly made as she makes an impassioned plea with a judge to free her from a conservatorship under her father’s control. 

“I'm warning you. I'm about to pass out. I’m really sick,” the pop icon tells the audience in a video of the 2018 concert in Atlantic City. “I am actually. I have a 102 fever right now.”

New York Times reporter Liz Day broke the story.

“Britney told the court that she felt forced to perform while very sick with a 104-degree fever, and she even told the court that it was one of the scariest moments of her life,” Day said. 

Spears is claiming her father's conservatorship is oppressive and controlling. She says her father even forbade her to refinish her kitchen cabinets because of the costs, according to the Times.

“She even described having a $2000 a week allowance, while at the time, she was performing in Las Vegas making millions of dollars,” Day said.

The “Free Britney” movement was out in force outside the Los Angeles court as Spears prepared to testify from a remote location. At stake is the 39-year-old singer's control of her $60 million fortune.

A court ordered the conservatorship in 2008 after a mental health crisis in which Spears shaved her head and attacked a photographer's car with an umbrella. She has since put her career back on track, including a gig as a judge on “The X Factor.”

Spears’ boyfriend, Sam Asghari, posted a photo today wearing a “Free Britney'' t-shirt.  He has previously accused her father of trying to control their relationship. 

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