Britney Spears' Dad Hired Firm to Bug Her Room and Monitor Cellphone Use, Ex-Employee Alleges in New Doc

Alex Vlasov's stunning claims are featured in the new New York Times documentary, “Controlling Britney Spears.”

Britney Spears’ father hired a security firm to monitor his daughter, including bugging her room and keeping tabs on her cellphone use, a former employee of the firm alleges in a new documentary.

Alex Vlasov used to work for the private security firm Black Box and is featured in the new New York Times documentary, “Controlling Britney Spears.” The film aired on FX and is now streaming on Hulu.

The documentary claims a listening device was placed in the pop star’s bedroom without her knowledge and captured her most intimate moments. More than 180 hours of private audio were reportedly recorded between Spears and her boyfriend.

Vlasov says in the documentary that all aspects of the singer’s life were monitored. 

“You would be able to see all messages, all FaceTime calls, notes, browser history, photographs. They would also monitor conversations with her friends,” Vlasov said.

It’s unclear if the court supervising the conservatorship controlling Spears’ life knew about or approved the surveillance.

Vlasov also says the security firm followed one of Spears’ former boyfriend’s, David Lucado, who she dated before her fiance, Sam Ashgari. Lucado told the Times that he “called 911 twice because of dangerous tailing.”

The shocking documentary is one of two being released about the pop icon. 

“Britney vs Spears,” streaming Tuesday on Netflix, is promising jaw-dropping revelations about the conservatorship. 

Jamie Spears says his actions were done with the consent of Britney, her court-appointed attorney and/or the court. Black Box, the security company, says they always acted ethically and legally.

The next court date about the conservatorship is set for Wednesday.  

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