The Budget Mom's Tips for Back-to-School Shopping

Miko Love has advice for tackling your kids' school supplies list with just a few bucks.

It's back-to-school shopping, the Budget Mom's way.

Miko Love is armed with a list of required back-to-school supplies for her 7-year-old son, and she says she can get everything for just a few bucks. 

She's passing on her saving tips to other parents hitting the stores before summer ends.

Love said to take time to research prices of items before you start shopping. 

"I like to do a store comparison list," she told Inside Edition.

She also makes use of online saving apps, so she can find a great deal right away and save lots of money.

One of Love's favorite stores to save at is Staples. She snagged a folder, a spiral notebook and much more for just $6.

"I got everything pretty much on the list," she said.

Love also likes to stop at the Dollar Tree. There she can get $1 headphones for her son's computer lab, as well as a $2 lunch set with an insulated box, fork and knife.

All of her shopping is done — for under $10.