California Man Living in Ukraine Refuses to Live in Fear Ahead of Imminent Russian Invasion

A Ukrainian television journalist wrestled with a pro-Russia politician as others fought to separate them.

A brawl erupted live on television in Ukraine as tensions increase over the threat of an imminent Russian invasion. A television journalist wrestled with a pro-Russia politician as others fought to separate them, with a sign language interpreter calmly continuing to sign throughout the whole ordeal.

American intelligence is also baffled by the Russian tanks based on the border with the makings “Z” and believe they are assigned to a special mission if an invasion happens. Life in the Ukrainian Capital, Kyiv, apparently seems quite normal, considering the circumstances.

Aaron Star, who is from California, is determined to stay in the country with his Ukrainian girlfriend despite the dangers.

“I think it's really important not to let the threat dominate your life because otherwise Putin can win without ever having to invade because we'll just live in fear and be running around like chickens with our heads cut off,” Star said.

President Joe Biden said Friday that he was convinced Putin had already made a decision to invade Ukraine and said he believed that the U.S. believed an attack would happen in the “coming days.”

After weeks of warning that an invasion of Ukraine was imminent, President Biden told reporters on Friday that he was "convinced" Putin had made the decision to invade Ukraine and said the U.S. believed Russian forces intended to attack in the "coming days." 

On Monday, Putin accused Ukraine of being a “puppet” of the United States. Putin also continued to say that Ukraine by history is an integral part of Russia, The New York Times reported. Biden has agreed to meet Putin under the circumstances that Russia does not invade Ukraine.

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