Families of Americans Living in Ukraine Worry as Warnings Intensify for Possible Russian Invasion

The relatives of Americans living in Ukraine are apprehensive as warnings worsen of possible invasion by Soviet forces.

The relatives of Americans who are living in Ukraine are growing increasingly worried as warnings escalate about a possible invasion by Russian forces.

Aaron Starr, originally from Northern California, is living in Ukraine with his girlfriend, and says he won't leave her, despite pleas from his family.

"They're really terrified, you know," he told Inside Edition. "It's a daily thing I have to do to talk to them. Every day they have new steps I should follow to prepare. It's really stressful for them."

His mother says she has to keep telling him that the border stand-off is no small thing.

"You know, this is pretty big. Russian warships with missiles pointing at Kyiv and 130,000 troops (on the border). I have to remind him that I'm not overreacting," she told Inside Edition.

American English teacher Joel Wasserman said, "I don't want to leave behind my girlfriend or my cat. And also, if a major attack comes I want to find a way to make myself useful and be helpful."

His parents are worried, he said, but, "that's what parents do. That's what their job is."

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken told the United Nations Security Council Thursday the intelligence shows a Russian invasion is imminent. "I am here today not to start a war, but to prevent one," he said. 

President Joe Biden also said Thursday, "Every indication" is that Russia will attack Ukraine "within the next several days."

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