California Police Asking for Help in Identifying Woman With Amnesia Who Doesn't Know Her Name

This woman cannot remember her name.
This woman was found wandering a month ago.Davis Police Department

Have you seen this woman? Police in Davis, California, are trying to identify this woman found wandering in the backyard of a suburban home.

Police in the Northern California city of Davis need your help.

A mystery woman was found wandering in the backyard of a suburban resident, and authorities have no idea who she is, and neither does she.

The woman appears to be in 30s or 40s and seems to be suffering from severe amnesia, police said. She has given officers varying dates of birth and home towns, but none of them have checked out.

"We've gotten a ton of calls, but nothing definite," department spokesman Paul Doroshov told Inside Edition Digital.

Homeowner Kurt Snipes saw the woman in his backyard on May 30. “I could tell that she was confused and lost so I just had her sit down and talked to her a little bit,” Snipes told Fox40 TV. 

“We were not getting very far with that,” Snipes recounted. “She, like I said, couldn’t tell me where she was trying to get to other than out there pointing to the west beyond the back fence.” 

He summoned police, who took the woman to a local hospital to be checked out. She doesn't appear to be physically injured, Doroshov said, and is safe at a hospital.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Davis Police Department at 530-747-5400.

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