California Police Searching for Alleged Dine and Dash Customers Who Were Later Involved in a Hit and Run

They ran up a $90 tab, and afterward, their hit-and-run was caught on surveillance video

An alleged dine-and-dash situation turned into a hit-and-run at a restaurant in California

The owners of the Ragin Cajun Cafe in Redondo Beach said when two customers tried to leave without paying their bill, the manager confronted them in the parking lot as they were driving away.

“I mean, who could do this to anybody? It was very intentional,” one of the restaurant owners, Lisa Briton Hodges, said. “They ran up a $90 tab. They were ordering some higher-priced items such as our crab, our steak, and lobster.”

Surveillance video caught the showdown, which ended with the customers driving right into the manager and carrying him on the hood of the car for a few seconds until he fell off. 

The owners say the manager suffered some cuts and bruises and is alright. But now they’re asking the public’s help finding these two. 

“It’s not really about the money,” Steve Hodges said.” It’s frustrating being a small business. We don’t have big pockets.” 

The Redondo Beach Police are reportedly investigating the incident. 

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