Californians Trapped by Record Snowfall Desperate for Medicine, Baby Formula and Other Necessities

One woman trapped at home for nine days was in desperate need of baby formula, while another found herself having to wrap her newborn in her coat and brave the weather after she and her family's car got stuck on the way home from the hospital.

Some Californians still homebound because of record-breaking snowfall have put out calls for help, saying the circumstances they find themselves in have become dangerous.

A desperate plea from one resident went out after she was trapped in her home for a week.

“Please we are begging you … People are trapped in their homes,” Michelle Calkins says in a video posted online. “They cannot get medicine, heart medicine, insulin, the stories could go on and on. Please, we beg you.”

Calkins is an 18-yearlong resident in the San Bernardino mountains and has never seen snow like this. And every time she shovels, she is inundated with more snow. She estimates thousands of residents are stuck like she is.

“I definitely feel like no one believes us,” she tells Inside Edition.

Brittany Walker had nowhere to turn when she realized she was running out of formula for her 4-month-old son, Hudson. Having been snowed in for nine days, she called an emergency hotline looking for help but was unsuccessful.

“They told me they were only helping the elderly with medications at that point and that there was nothing they could do for us,” she tells Inside Edition.

A good Samaritan eventually came to the rescue and delivered Walker the formula her son needs.

“We broke down crying, just from the relief,” she says.

Crystal Wade and her family were on their way home after she had given birth to her daughter when they became stuck in the blizzard. After wrapping her newborn—who they named Winter—in her coat, Crystal, her husband and their son set out on foot to get home.

“We had to walk through four, five feet of snow,” she says. “It was to the point where our son had to crawl over the snow because he was falling so deep.”

In Malibu, rain-saturated ground gave way and an entire cliffside crashed down onto a road. And in Anaheim, rare snowfall at Disneyland had Minnie Mouse and Pluto running for cover. It hadn’t snowed at Disneyland in almost a quarter of a century.

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