Camera Found Inside Toy Bear Won by a Child at Tennessee Fair

A stuffed bear won at a county fair had a camera inside, police said.
A stuffed bear at a county fair contained a hidden camera, police said. iStock

A Tennessee mother made a disturbing discovery when she checked the insides of a stuffed bear her daughter won at the Wilson County Fair.

A camera, similar to a so-called "nanny cam," was in the toy animal, according to the Lebanon Police Department.

Officers traced the bear back to the stall where the child won it. The operator told investigators he buys the prizes in bulk from a discount supplier in Georgia.

"This toy bear may have been a 'nanny cam' (surveillance cam) that was returned," the department said on its Facebook page. "No other bears of this nature were found at the booth. No illegal activity is suspected at this time."

The camera was not functional and didn't have a power source, police said. It is likely the bear was returned because the camera didn't work and was subsequently sold to the Georgia distributor, according to the department.


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