Can 'Roseanne' Continue Without Roseanne Barr? Fan Suggestions Pour In

The beloved sitcom can go on without her, some have suggested.

Without Roseanne Barr, can the show go on?

It's the intriguing idea being floated after the cancellation of the hit sitcom's revival, which has left 200,000 people out of work and millions of fans devastated.

Jimmy Kimmel has proposed a spin-off titled "Dan,” named after Roseanne’s TV husband, and the idea is being taken seriously!

On Twitter, the suggestions are pouring in including the new title: "The Conner Family.” 

“Have [Roseanne] die on the operating table while getting her knee surgery," one tweet read. "Then it can be a show about how they all cope without her."

"Dan & Roseanne call it quits and Jackie & Dan become roommates in the family home," went another. 

The cancellation of “Roseanne” has left ABC scrambling for a replacement show. 

Roseanne was the highest rated sitcom on TV and it was projected to earn $60 million in ad revenue next year, so a spin-off that targets the same audience would be appealing to network execs.

"I think if it is done well, people will get on board with the spin-off," Lauren Moraski, the managing editor of HuffPost's culture section, told Inside Edition. "The show talks to the everyday person. If its new form, it speaks to those issues, people would be on board to see that sort of portrayed on screen without Roseanne Barr, although it would be a little tricky."

It's not such a far-fetched idea and has happened before.

The show "Valerie" was re-named after lead actress Valerie Harper, was fired in a 1987 pay dispute. Her character was killed off in a car accident and just like that, the show went from "Valerie" to "The Hogan Family."

Meanwhile, speculation is rampant about whether Barr could ever make a comeback after the Twitter controversy.

Two weeks ago, she was the star attraction at ABC’s annual presentation to advertisers.

Now, she's an outcast with her career up in flames.

CNN’s Brian Stelter spoke to Inside Edition about a possible comeback for the embattled comic

"America loves a second act," he said. "They love a second coming. They love a comeback story! But I don’t know if that is true for Roseanne. She’s revealed her true self. I am not as sure people will be forgiving this time."