Carjackers on Dirt Bikes Open Fire on New York City Bridge, Shoot Driver 4 Times Then Flee in His Car: Cops

New York Police closed the Washington bridge.
The George Washington Bridge in New York City was closed after the shooting.Getty Stock

New York Police are searching for gunmen on dirt bikes who shot into a car, then left the wounded driver on the road, authorities said.

A 45-year-old New York man was shot in the head four times by carjackers on dirt bikes who then pulled him from his vehicle and left him on the city's George Washington Bridge, police said. 

The unidentified victim was struck in the face and head, and was in critical condition at a nearby hospital, authorities said.

His red Hyundai was found crashed not far from the shooting scene, according to the New York Police Department. Officers were asking for the public's help in identifying the three suspects.

The shooting happened just after midnight Wednesday. Police are also investigating an incident that occurred about the same time in Manhattan, when dirt bike riders were involved in a traffic accident with a white BMW, authorities said. Several shots were fired, but there were no reported injuries, police said.

Separately, dirt bike violence and drag racing on city streets led Philadelphia officials last month to ban dirt bikes and ATVs from municipal thoroughfares. Residents complained of all-night street racing and throngs of motorcycles and off-road vehicles taking over city streets and popping wheelies. 

A 37-year-old man was shot dead June 17 by a man on a dirt bike, Philadelphia authorities said. It was one of at least nine shootings that day that killed at least three people and hurt eight others, police said.

Law enforcement officials in both cities say they are dealing with an increase in gun violence this year as coronavirus restrictions begin to ease.

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