Child Filmed Helping at Popeye's Where Father Worked As Employees Battled Sandwich Demand

Employee who brought a child to work at Popeye’s has been fired, company says.

One child in Texas was photographed preparing the insanely popular Popeye’s chicken sandwich for a restaurant outside Dallas. The boy appeared to be about 8 years old and no taller than four feet.

One customer took the video of the boy wearing a Popeye’s apron as he recently helped the overworked staff as they struggled to keep up with the chicken sandwich orders. The kid's father works at the restaurant in Colony, Texas. The person who took the video told Inside Edition the restaurant was packed at the time. 

This is the latest crazy episode involving the demand for the chicken sandwich. There have been fights and even a fatal stabbing since the sandwich returned to the menu earlier this month, according to reports.

It’s against federal and state child labor laws to have a minor working. The restaurant owner has terminated the employee who brought their child, a minor, into the kitchen,  Popeye’s tells Inside Edition. 

Popeye's also says they will cooperate with any investigation into the matter.