Clubgoer Forgives FBI Agent Who Accidentally Shot Him After Backflip

Tom Reddington was shot in the leg by 29-year-old Chase Bishop.

A clubgoer who was shot when an FBI agent's gun accidentally went off during a backflip says he has no hard feelings.

"I don't blame the guy," Tom Reddington told "Good Morning America" Thursday. "I don't want to ruin his life."

The 24-year-old was at Mile High Spirits Tasting Room in Denver, Colo., as 29-year-old FBI agent Chase Bishop was showing off his moves on the dance floor.

But after Bishop — who was visiting Denver from Washington, D.C. — performed a backflip, his firearm fell from its waistband holster. As he reached to pick it up, it accidentally went off, firing into the nearby crowd. The incident was caught on video by other clubgoers.

"I heard a loud bang and I thought, 'Oh, some idiot's set off a firecracker," Reddington said.

But he'd been shot in the leg.

"All of a sudden, from the knee down, became completely red. That's when it clicked in my head, 'Oh, I've been shot,'" he said.

Reddington, who works at Amazon, said he doesn't blame the agent.

"There was no pointing [the gun]," he said. "There was no aiming."

The FBI is investigating the incident, but said it would hold the agent accountable for what happened.