Colorado National Monument, the Site of Prehistoric Carvings, Defaced by 'Promposal'

A 'promposal' was found scrawled on the side of a national monument.
A promposal was found scrawled on the side of a national monument.(Colorado National Monument)

Park rangers are urging anyone with information about the vandalism to come forward.

Is it romantic, or just plain vandalism?

A "promposal" has been discovered spray-painted on the side of the Colorado National Monument.

Park rangers are now sharing photos of the graffiti, featuring messages that read “PROM…ISE?” and “You’re perfect to me,” written in black spray paint, in hopes of locating the perpetrator.

The monument, located on the western border of Colorado, once only featured ancient rock art, including prehistoric rock carvings and paintings.

The messages were found scrawled onto a secluded area of the monument, and park rangers said defacing the area is punishable by up to six years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

Anyone with further information is encouraged to head over to the visitor center or call 970-858-3617, ext. 360.