Computer Repairman Who Alerted Trump Campaign to Hunter Biden's Laptop Contents Is Releasing Book

John Paul Mac Isaac owned the computer repair shop where Hunter Biden is said to have brought a water-damaged laptop. When Biden failed to pick up the computer after 90 days, the laptop- and its photos and videos- became Mac Isaac's property.

The former computer repair shop owner who said he discovered shocking photos and concerning documents on a laptop Hunter Biden left there has now written a book about his experiences.  

John Paul Mac Isaac owned a computer repair shop in a strip mall in Wilmington, Delaware, when he discovered photos on Biden’s laptop showing President Joe Biden’s son looking strung out, smocking crack cocaine and wielding a gun.   

Hunter Biden is said to have brought the water-damaged laptop to the shop in April 2019 with the hope of restoring its information. When Biden failed to pick-up the computer after 90 days, the laptop became Mac Isaac's property, and with it, all those photos and videos.

“Unfortunately, I saw the homemade porn,” he says. “It was not an episode of ‘Friends,’ it was homemade porn.”

Mac Isaac says that while some people may perceive his actions as having gone through another person’s property, “He hired me to do that.”

Mac Isaac says he also found documents that show payments made to Hunter Biden from a Ukrainian energy company that have become the center of a political firestorm.

“I definitely had a legitimate concern for national security and that is why I went to the FBI,” he says.

Mac Isaac says he turned the laptop over to the FBI in 2019 but after eight months of waiting, in 2020, during the presidential campaign, he approached then President Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani. 

“I had to do something with it because a I am a boy scout and when you see criminality, you should be able to take it to the authorities,” he says.  

Mac Isaac, who acknowledges he's a Trump supporter, has now written a book about his experiences called "American Injustice:My Battle to Expose The Truth." 

He says he fears for his safety from “both individuals, foreign and domestic, from what I have seen on the laptop.” 

“I realized that this was much bigger than me,” he says.  

With the Republican party poised to take control of the House, the contents of the laptop are facing renewed scrutiny. Yesterday, at a press conference, President Biden was asked what his message is to Republicans considering investigating his family, particularly Hunter Biden, and Hunter Biden’s business dealings.  

“’Lots of luck in your senior year,’ as my coach used to say,” President Biden said. “Look, I think the American people want us to move on and get things done for them.” 

Mac Isaac says he has no regrets.

“If I did not do it, I would be doing a disservice to the country," he says. 

The FBI told us they had no comment on Mac Issac’s statements, including his statement in his book that he is under FBI investigation. While the White House and Hunter Biden did not return our calls, Hunter Biden, who has not been charged with any crime, has previously said he is "100% certain" he will be cleared of any wrongdoing.

An excerpt from “American Injustice: My Battle to Expose The Truth” by John Paul Mac Isaac, forthcoming from Liberatio Protocol on Nov. 22, can be read below.

October 16th 2020

He texted again that evening, telling me to download an encrypted instant-messaging app called Signal and then contact him on it. When I did, he informed me that I was now under investigation by the FBI and that moving forward, we should use Signal to protect our conversations.

“Why am I under investigation? I’ve done nothing wrong!” I asked, panic rising in my chest.

“You’re at the center of a new investigation centered around the possibility that the laptop is part of a Russian disinformation scheme,” he answered.

“Here we go, using the ‘Russia excuse’ again,” I thought. Out loud I said, “But the FBI has sat on this thing for almost a year. How can they get away with calling it Russian disinformation now?”

“It’s what sells newspapers and gets people’s attention away from them and on to you,” Larry explained. “All that matters is you have to be careful. Your phone and communications are being tapped. So are your parents’. You need to get them on board with Signal and watch what you say. They’re going to try to catch you in a lie or trick you into an obstruction charge. Now more than ever, you have to be careful who you talk to.”

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