Connecticut Authorities Search Park Where Jennifer Dulos' Car Was Found Again

Family Handout
Family Handout

Jennifer Dulos, a mom of 5, disappeared in 2019, and is presumed dead but her body has never been found.

Homicide detectives in Connecticut returned to search the park where the car of Jennifer Dulos was last seen more than two years ago. Authorities said the search of Waveny Park in New Canaan is a “standard procedure” in cases like hers.

Dulos, a mother of five, disappeared in May 2019 and police previously said that they will “never rest” until they find Dulos’ body. She is presumed dead.

Investigators are re-searching the area to follow up on “previous investigative information,” NBC Connecticut reported.

“This is being done out of an abundance of caution to explore every avenue related to the case,” authorities said in a statement. “These follow-ups are standard procedure as our detectives thoroughly investigate any and all leads.”  

Dulos, 50, went missing on May 24, 2019 and the last place she was seen was dropping her kids off at school. Her car was later found abandoned in the park, but Jennifer was never found. Police later said they expected her husband, Fotis Dulos, who was charged with her murder in 2020, of having driven the SUV there.

Before her disappearance, Dulos and her husband were in a custody battle. Fotis killed himself after being charged with Dulos’ murder.

Fotis’ girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, was also charged with conspiracy to commit murder charges in the case. She is still facing those charges and has pleaded not guilty.

Police accused the couple of driving four miles in Hartford on the day Jennifer disappeared and disposing of garbage bags in 30 different locations, including trash receptacles and a storm drain.

Video reportedly captured footage of the pair’s activities. 

Some of the items recovered, like clothing and sponges, had Jennifer’s blood on them, police said. 

Cops found blood and evidence of a clean-up at the Dulos residence, and later determined that Dulos suffered an injury that was “non-survivable without medical intervention.”

Fotis' lawyer friend, Kent Mawhinney, also faces charges in the case and has denied any involvement in Dulos' disappearance.

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