Connecticut Man Doubles His Winnings After Accidentally Buying 2 Lotto Tickets With Same Numbers

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A Connecticut man doubled up on his lottery winnings after accidentally buying two tickets. 

John Smedick Jr. told state lottery officials that he forgot whether he'd already purchased a Cash 5 ticket for last Friday's drawing, so he bought a second one with the exact same numbers. 

"It turns out I played it, forgot I played it, and played it again. My daughter went to the lottery's website and saw there were two $100,000 winning Cash5 tickets," Smedick said. "Both of them were mine — I won $200,000.

"It was the best mistake I ever made."

Smedick, of Torrington, said he plans to use his winnings to pay his bills and take his family on vacation. 

"We've never won this much," he said. "This is amazing!"

As for the rest of the money? He said he'll put that in the bank.


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