Construction Worker Nails 'Tremendous' Impersonation of President Trump

Thomas Mundy, 58, of Long Island, New York, went viral earlier this month after a co-worker posted video of his impersonation of the president.

That's not President Trump in a hard hat ranting at a construction site. It's Thomas Mundy, who may just be the world's greatest Trump impersonator. 

Mundy, 58, is an iron worker from Long Island who's the spitting image of the president and sounds just like him too. 

He started impersonating then-candidate Trump back in 2015, but a co-worker recently posted a video of his impersonation online, where it went viral with over 3 million views.

"What a tremendous day here, the Long Island Rail Road is screwing up this job," says Mundy in the video. "It's a horrible job. I have hired my good friend, John Valenti, and his great wife, Rosie, they're tremendous people."

He adds, "I'm going to tell you right now, we have to come in and do this job on time and under budget."

Mundy said the video has earned him lots of attention. 

"For this one video, now people are calling me up," he told the Daily Mail. "This is so far over my head, I have no idea what's going on."