Couple Recounts Moment Their Jeep Was Struck by Lightning While Driving With Their Children on Kansas Highway

Nathan and Sarah Vanderhoof were driving with their three daughters during a heavy summer thunderstorm when the scary incident happened.

A Kansas family says they are lucky to be alive after lightning struck their car on the highway.

Nathan and Sarah Vanderhoof and their three young daughters were driving inside the Jeep during a heavy summer thunderstorm when the heart-stopping, caught-on-camera incident happened. 

“It’s one of those things that you look back at and you think, how did I survive that?” Sarah told Inside Edition.

The family says that they didn’t realize what was happening until it was already over.

“Well in the moment, you don’t know what’s happening. It just got really bright and then you have the loud pops,” Nathan said. 

The bolt left a hole in the door handle. And although the family is OK, the car is not.

“It’s probably done,” Nathan said. “It doesn’t look too bad, which is kind of crazy, you almost wish it did look worse, you know?”

The family has set up a GoFundMe to raise funds for a new vehicle.

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