Couple Who Met on the Way to Woodstock Finally Have the Photo to Prove It

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This couple has special reason to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Woodstock: They met on their way there!

Judy and Jerry Griffin first met one day before the legendary music festival in upstate New York, where a half-million people gathered to rock out in 1969. 

Her car had broken down, so she and her friends got a ride with Jerry and his buddies. 

The connection was instant, the couple said. 

They later tied the knot and have been together ever since. But when they'd tell people their origin story, they always lamented that they had no pictures from the festival. 

Until now. 

They went to see a PBS documentary, "Woodstock: Three Days That Defined a Generation," marking the anniversary of Woodstock, and in a section about a sudden rainstorm, they happened to spot footage of the two of them wrapped in a blanket. Judy and Jerry were just 22 at the time. 

I screamed, 'There we are,'" Judy told Inside Edition. 

"That's us. That was it, that was the first time, the only time that we've only seen a photograph of us at Woodstock and we've been looking," added Jerry.

They love that the photo captures their clear affection for each other. 

"It feels wonderful [to have found it]," said Judy. "... Now we can prove it."


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