Cruise Erupts in Cheers as Late Passengers Jump On Board Just in the Nick of Time

The passengers said they were confused over the local time in Bermuda.

People onboard a cruise ship erupted in cheers as two fellow passengers raced back to the vessel before it left port in Bermuda's Ireland Island

The June 14 incident was captured on video by a passenger and posted on social media. 

Angela Rosetti was onboard the Norwegian Escape with her friend when the tardy passengers scrambled to the dock. Rosetti's friend recorded the video as the ship was about to pull out.

“All of a sudden you could see them coming and running down the pier and that's when everyone started cheering, ‘C'mon let’s go!’” she said. 

In the video, one person could be heard screaming, “Hurry up!” 

The captain actually ordered the ship to wait a half-hour for the two passengers, who said they were confused over the local time in Bermuda. The two made it on board the vessel just in the nick of time, and there was no tension among the other waiting passengers.

“People were really nice. It was not, like, nasty,” Rosetti said. “It was really funny.”