Cute Beagles Who Were Thrown From Vehicle Get a New 'Leash' on Life

The animals had to be rehabilitated separately but are now back together in a loving home.

These two beagles may have had a rough start but things are now looking up for the pups. 

Trooper and Adam were thrown from a moving car on Interstate 81 in New York and rescued by a truck driver who said he saw what happened, according to police. 

The pair were separated while they were treated at the Broome County Humane Society and Trooper unfortunately lost one of his legs. But last week. they were reunited when they were both adopted by a loving family.

The couple, Connie and Roger Miller, was chosen from more than 100 applicants. 

“And we were interested in getting a couple of dogs, we always wanted to have two together,” Roger said. "Can't wait to get 'em home”

The dogs are full of energy, he added, and you’d never know what they’d been through.

"Adam is just full of life he loves to play, run, fetch, catch and Trooper just kinda the laid back kind of dog but he loves his partner so that's how we feel about it, it's awesome,” Roger said.

The dogs have a big yard in Earlville where they can play together.

“It's really a bittersweet day, but it's nice to see them go home to such an amazing family,” said Todd Hubik, the adoption coordinator at the society. "The Millers are really lucky folks and they're lucky, lucky dogs as well.”