Dad Says He Had to 'Man Up' While Wife Gave Birth in Passenger Seat of Car

The mom called it the "scariest and best experience" of her life.

A pair of parents were in shock when the mom gave birth right in the front seat of the car while on their way to the hospital.

Mom Rudia Napier of Nevada went into labor while on her way to a checkup on May 24. 

Her two daughters were in the back seat screaming and crying, so she tried to calm them down. Dad Michael Addison was at the wheel, and their 10-year-old son was recording the whole thing.

“My baby's coming out. Oh, Mike, the baby's coming out!” Napier says in the now-viral video. 

They were minutes from the hospital in Henderson, Nevada, but the baby couldn't wait. Napier delivered the child right in the car. The baby's due date was June 9.

Napier pulled her newborn girl to her chest and was overwhelmed with emotion.

The baby, Jolee Lavergne Addison, didn’t make a peep at first, causing Napier to fear the worst. The baby was just fine though, calm and oblivious to all the drama in the car. 

"It was an experience, and it was the scariest and best experience I ever had," Napier told Inside Edition. 

"Honestly, the only thing going through my mind was, ‘It is time to man up!’ It was clearly very frightening," Addison added. 

When the family finally arrived at the hospital, the mother and infant were taken by medical personnel.

“Hopefully the video didn’t offend anyone,” Addison wrote on Facebook. “To be completely honest, I only posted it because I thought the commentary was hilarious and my son recorded such a PG-13 angle I was like, ‘Oh wow, I don’t even have to edit anything.’ I’ve done a lot of ‘things’ in the front seat of my vehicles but delivering a baby while driving and with three crying kids in the back seat?”

The family is raising money for a bigger vehicle. You can donate here.