Dallas Restaurant Cooks Up Croissant Corsages in Time for Prom Season

Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen in Dallas is making croissant corsages this prom season.
Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen

This Dallas restaurant takes the cake — or croissant — this prom season.

Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen has created a croissant corsage for kids to wear on their big night. The restaurant says it was inspired by an auto-correct mishap for teens across the country. When texting about their attire for prom, "corsage" was mistyped as "croissant," and suddenly couples were joking about strapping baked goods to each other.

But what was once a texting fail has become a seasonal menu item for Cheddar's.

The croissant corsage is exactly what it sounds like: a real honey butter croissant attached to a wrist band. Cheddar's partnered with a local florist to add baby's breath flowers and roses to the corsage. Kids can buy the tasteful arrangement online for $20 and choose the color of the surrounding flowers. 

But not to fret. If students aren't in the Dallas area but want to get in on the fancy fare, Cheddar's has tips for making a DIY croissant corsage with glue, craft wire and ribbon.


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