Danish Man Climbs on Crocodile After Feeding It a Wallaby

As the crocodile ate the wallaby carcass, the tourist climbed on its back.

A tourist in Australia fed a wallaby, a small, kangaroo-like animal, to a crocodile before walking up and sat on its back, according to video posted to the internet.

Niels Jensen, 22, was visiting a wildlife park in the country's Northern Territory when he dragged the wallaby carcass to within a few feet of the 15-foot-long croc. While the reptile was chomping away, Jensen mounted it.

Jensen said his friends call him the "Danish Crocodile Dundee" for his stunts. 

“Even with a crocodile like this that are used to humans, it is a scary feeling sitting on something that could kill you in a fraction of a second," he told Caters News Agency.

“In my opinion, I am just doing what I like," he added. "But not many people understand why I’m doing it," he said.

Tourism officials, however, said his actions were needlessly dangerous.

“The behavior shown in this video is dangerous and reckless and we do not support this type of interaction with crocodiles," said Tracey Duldig of the Department of Tourism and Culture.