Florida Sisters Hunt Down Father Charged With Molesting 2 Girls Under 12, Say His Granddaughter is Also Victim

The sisters allege that more than two dozen say they were also victims of Davie Albarran. The sisters allege that Albarran also abused one of them, and one of their daughters, his own granddaughter.

The perseverance and hard work of two Florida sisters paid off over the weekend when police arrested their fugitive dad after more than a year on the run.

In November 2022, the Osceola County Sheriff's Office issued multiple warrants for the arrest of 51-year-old Davie Albarran after he "tried to rape and molest two young girls" under the age of 12, says Sheriff Marcos Lopez.

Authorities say Albarran fled and managed to evade capture for 16 months, until deputies finally captured him in Polk County on Sunday, thanks to the detective work of his two daughters, Ana and Yaneiry.

Shortly after Albarran  disappeared, his two daughters took to social media and were persistent in trying to gain any information about the whereabouts of their father.

The women allege that more than two dozen have come forward to say they were victims of Albarran. The sisters also allege that Albarran sexually abused Ana, as well as one of their daughters, his own granddaughter.

"One of the victims is my daughter," one of the sisters said on TikTok. "My father is a vile, disgusting pedophile,"

Both women posted to TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram hoping for any news that might help the locate their father.

Their efforts started to gain traction in December 2022, when Ana posted a video on TikTok alleging that she was one of her father's victims. Within days, 21 other alleged victims came forward, said Ana.

"Once you open your mouth, all of his victims are an army," said Ana in one video. "If your family is protecting him, throw the family away. If they wanna sweep everything under the rug, burn the rug. You don't need to have a family that protects a man who touches little girls over you."

This dedication from the sisters paid off when the television program "America's Most Wanted" agreed to feature Albarran as one of the fugitives highlighted on the popular program. That television segment is what ultimately led to Albarran's arrest.

Yaneiry says that she received a text message shortly after the program aired from a person who said they had been housing Albarran. That individual said they were unaware of the allegations, according to Yaneiry, and claimed that three women had visited him during the time he was living at their home.

On Sunday, police said they found Albarran at his sister Madeline's home on Country Haven Drive in Lakeland. There, the Polk County Sheriff's Office arrested Albarran.

"It might have been Country Haven Drive, but it was no haven for him," said Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd.

Deputies discovered Albarran hiding in a shed on the property just before midnight. Sheriff Judd said that Albarran tried to claim his name was Jose, a decision that led to an additional charge of providing false identification to a law enforcement officer, according to the his booking sheet.

Albarran also faces charges for outstanding child support, according to the booking sheet.

On Monday, Albarran made his first appearance before a judge in Polk County and he is currently in the process of being extradited to Osceola County. Albarran has not yet entered a plea and he does not have a lawyer.

He had previously been charged with sexual battery of a child under 12 in Orange County in 2003. Albarran entered a plea of not guilty in that case which was ultimately dismissed before it went to trial, according to court records.

Yaneiry and Ana were celebrated by the Osceola County Sheriff's Office on Monday for their hard work, with Ana even getting a birthday cake. It has not all been good news, though, as the women shared they no longer have relationships with a number of family members whom they allege helped heir father.

Still, the women celebrated their father's arrest, with Ana taking to TikTok, writing: "We f***ing did it."

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