Mystery as Police Say They Spoke with 'Resident at House' the Night 3 Men Were Found Dead In His Yard, Deck

 Ricky Johnson David Harrington and Clayton McGeeney
Police spoke with a "resident at house" where three men were found dead outside (l to r: David Harrington, Clayton McGeeney and Ricky Johnson)FB

A police spokesperson confirmed that the resident of the home was alive and "cooperative with detectives the day the deceased were discovered." Friends of the victims say he ignored their calls for days.

There are still no answers as to why three best friends in Missouri were all found dead outside a Kansas City home, but there is new information. 

A spokesperson for the Kansas City Police Department is now confirming that officers spoke with a "resident at house" after they arrived on the scene the night of Jan. 9. 

As Inside Edition Digital previously reported, police were called to the scene after the fiancée of Clayton McGeeney broke into the home where the men had been watching the Kansas City Chiefs football game on Jan. 7.

Two friends of the men tell Inside Edition Digital that the man inside the house had known the victims since high school and not responded to phone calls from their concerned friends and family members for days, prompting at least two people to go and physically knock on his door looking for the men.

They say no one ever opened the door despite the fact that the cars of all three men were parked outside the house, which is why McGeeney’s fiancée made the decision to break in to the home on Tuesday evening, say the friends. 

McGeeney's fiancée called police after finding a body on the porch according to a police spokesperson. 

The friends say that McGeeney’s fiancée had no idea anyone was home when she broke in, and that the man living at the home only presented himself once police had been called to the scene. 

The deceased have now been identified as 38-year-old Ricky Johnson, 37-year-old David Harrington and 36-year-old McGeeney.

"Officers responded to the back porch and confirmed there was a dead body," a police spokesperson told Inside Edition Digital. "Upon further investigation, officers located two other dead bodies in the back yard."

The spokesperson also said that "there were no obvious signs of foul play observed at or near the crime scene," and stressed that this is "100 percent not being investigated as a homicide."  The spokesperson also said that there have been no arrests or charges at this time, and no one is in custody.

The spokesperson confirmed that the resident of the home was alive and "cooperative with detectives the day the deceased were discovered." 

Investigators are still waiting for the medical examiner report to shed more light on the cause of death, according to a police spokesperson. 

The friends of the deceased tell Inside Edition Digital that they want to know why the resident did not answer their calls for two days or contact police. It is a question also raised by the family of one of the men in an interview with WDAF.

Inside Editon Digital reached out to the person living in the home multiple times but he did not respond to requests for comment. 

Friends and family of father-of-three Ricky Johnson and Clayton McGeeney have started GoFundMe pages to help with funeral expenses.

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