Deputies Refuse to Break Down Door for Locked-Out Parents Whose Toddler Is Alone in Home for Hours

Kaitlynd Burtchell tells Inside Edition that after being locked out she wasted no time and immediately began making telephone calls to try and get back in the apartment.

A Utah couple's frustration after accidentally locking themselves out of their apartment turned to panic when they realized their 2-year-old son was locked in the apartment alone.

Kaitlynd Burtchell tells Inside Edition that she wasted no time and immediately began making telephone calls to try and get back in the apartment.

She tried locksmiths but had no luck, while the 24-hour hotline for her apartment building sent her to voicemail.

Kaitlynd says she then tried 911 and asked that someone be sent to their apartment.

Four deputies arrived at the apartment, says Kaitlynd. She claims that the men then proceeded to do nothing.

"I was definitely shocked. That's actually why I started like audio recording them," Kaitlynd tells Inside Edition.

That recording reveals one deputy outright refusing to help the couple get back into their apartment.

"If your child was in imminent danger, it would be a different story," one deputy tells Kaitlynd. "I'm not gonna lose my career for kicking in a door under these circumstances." 

By that point dad Chase had scaled a balcony and gotten to the window of the apartment building, which he was forced to smash in so that the couple could return to their home.

The Weber County Sheriff's Office released a statement in the wake of the incident.

"Based on the information provided in the news report, as well as information gathered through the internal review, we are disappointed in the response exhibited by deputies that arrived on scene. As an administration, we have instructed the deputies involved that we would have supported their forced entry into the residence in this incident," read the statement in part. "All deputies should seek the force option that would create the least amount of damage. We have updated a consent form that will be used in the future to streamline the process during these types of events."

Kaitlynd says she accepts the apology, and her baby boy is doing great. 


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