Watch as Florida Residents Work Together to Rescue Toddler and Great-Great Grandmother Trapped Under Car

A group of fast-thinking bystanders were able to spring into action and save two lives.

This is the astonishing moment when a group of Florida residents saved the lives of a toddler and her great-great grandmother

It all happened in Tampa  over the weekend, when a driver backed out of a parking spot but failed to see the 90-year-od woman pushing a carriage with the 3-year-old girl.

The driver hit the two, and both went under the car. By the time bystanders noticed what had happened the two were struggling to breathe.

Calls were made but the group realized they needed to act fast in order to save these lives and sprung right into action.

Those rescue efforts were already underway when a member of the Tampa Police Department arrived to assist, and he documented the miraculous rescue with his bodycam.

"The driver struck the victims as he was backing out of a parking spot. He said he did not see the woman pushing the child in a stroller as they returned from the grocery store and accidentally backed his vehicle over both victims," the department said in a statement.                                                                                                                                                                                             

"After feeling a bump, the driver said he assumed it was a large storm drain and attempted to pull forward," the statement continued. "When the vehicle did not move, he became aware that he had struck someone."

Unable to just pull the woman and child out from underneath the car, the bystanders had to get creative. They pulled out a hydraulic jack to lift up the car, according to police.

This allowed for both victims to be pulled out from under the car, with an assist from Cpl. Lance Baker of the Tampa Police Department.

The toddler is in stable condition according to authorities, while the great-great grandmother remains in critical condition.


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