Did a Mountain Lion Walk Past Reporter Live on TV in Utah?

The mystery has been solved.

One Utah reporter got the surprise of her life a mysterious animal walked across her live shot, sparking debate about whether it was a mountain lion or a dog

KUTV reporter Morgan Saxton was speaking live from a flooded road south of Salt Lake City when the animal came out of nowhere and nearly brushed her leg. 

Social media lit up with many debating what the creature could be. 

Utah wildlife officials went to the scene Wednesday morning to set the record straight.

"We checked on the tracks and they were definitely dog tracks,” the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources said in a statement. 

The dog has been tracked down and his name is Pooch. He's a friendly 12-year-old half Australian Shepard, half German Shepard who loves to roam the neighborhood.

The owners released a photo to let everyone know there is no reason to be afraid.