Woman Comes Home to Find Mountain Lion Sleeping Behind Her Sofa

The incident occurred in early July but has since gone viral.

An Oregon woman came home earlier this month to find a mountain lion sleeping in her living room. 

Lauren Taylor found the beast in her Ashland home on July 8, enjoying a nap behind her sofa. 

She posted about the encounter on Facebook earlier in the month and her story went viral. Her post was shared more than 28,000 times, received 191 comments and 28,000 likes. 

The creature stayed for six hours after it had apparently entered through the back door, which had been left unlocked. 

When it walked into the home, it startled Taylor’s roommate, who screamed at such a high volume that the animal hid behind the sofa in a spot where it later got comfortable and fell asleep. 

"It was amazing to realize that this worked," Taylor wrote in a Facebook post. "I gazed lovingly then blinked hard and then she did it back. She clearly felt safe and she showed no inclination to leave."

When Taylor got home and saw what was going on, she knew she had to get the mountain lion out of the house in a safe manner, so she started playing bongo drums. 

Amid the noise, the big cat eventually left the house. 

"She roused and knew just what to do ... walking out through the open doors, through the yard, across the creek, and through the empty field behind us exactly as we had shown her," Taylor wrote.