Dog Found Guarding California Family's Property a Month After It Burned Down

Loyal to the end.

Loyal to the end.

A family returning to survey what was left of their Paradise, California, home got quite the surprise.

When Andrea Gaylord pulled up to her property, she found her beloved dog Madison. He was guarding what was left of their property, a month after the deadly Camp Fire burned through the area.

Gaylord figured Madison had survived the fire. She connected animal rescue volunteer Shayla Sullivan  in November. She checked on the property and continued to leave food and water for the dog.

Sullivan had already been caring for Gaylord’s other pup and Madison’s brother, Miguel.

As soon as authorities lifted evacuation orders, Gaylord was stunned to find Madison waiting patiently for her where her family’s home used to stand. “Imagine the loyalty of hanging in in the worst of circumstances and being here waiting. I was so emotional,” Gaylord told WKYC.

According to the HuffPost, the dogs are currently staying on the property, while Gaylord’s family is temporarily staying in a mobile home park. Sullivan is still caring for them.

It is unclear how exactly the Anatolian shepherd dogs survived the flames.

For thousands of years, they have been bred to guard and protect their property and their humans. It is presumed that Madison and Miguel managed to outrun the fire, then returned home.