Dog Narrowly Escapes Burning House in Daring Rescue Caught on Camera

The owners were out shopping and came back to find their house destroyed. But their pet dog Amber had survived.

A beloved pup is safe after she escaped from a house engulfed in flames while her owners weren’t home. Dramatic body cam footage shows sheriff’s deputy Jonathon Jeckovich smashing in the glass front door to rescue the dog trapped inside.

At first, no one emerged from the home that was filling up with thick smoke. But suddenly, the dog ran out. Her fur was covered in soot, but she was alive.

Neighbors looked after the pooch, named Amber, until her owners returned home from shopping.

“They were definitely happy to get their dog back, especially after losing everything in their home,” Jeckovich said.

The owners’ cat also escaped from the home, but she ran away and is still missing.